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A punter's reprieve is a victory on their wager, which, of course, is by chance. With a history spanning thousands of years, and spectators betting amongst themselves, sports betting has transitioned into a real passion. In South Africa, bettors are going all in, the gambling business increasing by significant margins over the years. And now, bookmakers uniquely cater for all, whether on the move (with mobile-specific platforms) or if you prefer the old school punter's way.

The sports betting phenomena in South Africa is quite intriguing. Indeed, in the past couple of decades, sports betting has flourished as more sophisticated avenues are giving punters a chance at winning millions. The rise in the number of sports events that bettors can wager has increased the popularity of sports betting in South Africa. Where and how can one place their wager?

Bet on your favourite sports today

  • Bovada – A solid online sportsbook that’s been around forever.
  • MyBookie – Huge variety of sports bets with competitive lines.
  • BetOnline – One of the early sports betting sites with great bonuses.
  • BetNow – A newer sports betting site with fast payouts.
  • – Safe betting website with a trusted history.

So, you are interested in betting and looking to make good of your wager. What's the best direction to take? Today, you can find many betting avenues in South Africa, giving you unique functionalities as well as sophisticated features. Most of them ascertain that you bet on your favourite sports hassle-free.

From the safest deposit methods to the fastest payout options, there is so much to consider when engaging a sports betting platform. The oddsmakers that give out the best services are ideal, and if you are new to the trade, better dig deep to make the most of your money. Are you confused about where to begin? It is a chance game, and the best move can win you a fortune.


Live roulette and live games

The tech-era has brought your favourite casino games to wherever you fancy playing. However, the old-school, brick and mortar technique is still the most enjoyable. Live gambling is amongst the most relaxed modes of placing a wager. In sports, it is sometimes referred to as in-game betting.

Live roulette is one of the oldest games for punters and the most accessible live casino games. The rules and strategies are elementary. If you encounter a real-life roulette table, you will get you head around it within no time.

However, the dynamics that surround in-game betting are a bit dissimilar, which makes the marvels of technological innovation outstanding. Forget about the traditional modus operandi of all action ending as soon as the game began. Today, using technology, you can place a wager after the game has started. And you can easily do this on your favourite platform.


In the 21st century, when the betting business has skyrocketed, it would be insane for a nation to illegitimatize the trade. The practice is legal in South Africa as long as the punter utilizes a legal and licensed platform to place their wager. However, online gambling possesses numerous complications that every punter ought to be aware of. 

All betting activities in South Africa are managed by the National Gambling Act of 2004. An update to the law in 2011 stated that online betting in the country’s borders are illegal. Even though the direction is clear, South Africans still partake. The laws are designed to target online casinos and not punters or individual players.

Of course, if you partake in illegal betting activity, you are subject to harsh penalties. The platform used, whether a company or financial institution facilitating the operation is subject to some legal ramifications as well.

Any firm looking to provide give South Africans online gambling must acquire a license from any of South Africa’s mandated organizations. Bettors in the country are not allowed to engage service providers that have not been mandated to operate.

List of betting sites in South Africa

If you are interested in the ideal avenue for placing your wager, then you ought to utilize a licensed platform. Additionally, the avenue's sophistication and capability of offering the best odds and other add-ons useful to a bettor is essential.

Online betting has been growing at an exponential rate, and it is not hard locating some of the most popular sports betting sites in South Africa.

  • Betway

Betway is a market leader in the industry with numerous clients in South Africa. One of the best things about the gambling platform is that it operates in the native currency for the country it serves. Another innovative feature is the fast cash-out system.

  • Betsafe

Betsafe is one of the most excellent firms with a flexible mobile betting platform. In South Africa, clients can access numerous deposit methods that makes their gambling experience better.

  • Hollywoodbets

This is a great brand making significant headway in the betting industry. The firm has been around for quite a while and is a reliable platform.

  • Sportingbet

With Sportingbet, you can access auto cash out, live roulette and many more. Additionally, clients can take advantage of the site's deposit bonus match of up to R2000. 

  • Sunbet

Sunbet is another excellent betting firm in the country because of its fantastic system and numerous games.

  • Boylesport

Boylesport is one of Ireland's most sought after independent bookmakers with significant ties in South Africa. The firm has numerous branches in different nations.


Over time, has transformed into one of South Africa's most outstanding bookmaker. They have unique features such as bet builder, power bet, fast cash out and much more.

  • WSB

On the WSB, South Africa’s premier gambling avenue, you can place your bets for national and international teams reliant on your preference. And they have a massive collection of games that they frequently refresh to ascertain punters partake in every sport.

  • Comeon!

Comeon! gives punters access to numerous sports. With their interactive betting platform, punters can take part in in-game betting and make great wins.

  • Dafabet

Dafabet boasts of being a gambling site like no other in Asia, offering gamblers an experience like no other. The platform offers numerous promotions and access to great odds for live games.

  • Intertops

Punter researching for sports betting avenue for games like poker and other casino games, then Intertops is the best avenue to settle on. South Africans can enjoy the Las Vegas experience using the website’s online casino.

  • MansionBet

MansionBet has amongst the best football, horse racing and basketball odds. Bettors in South Africa have learnt to use this platform for making their bets.

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Other betting sites in South Africa

Numerous attributes go into making a betting site amongst the best. And the ones below have satisfied what most South Africans consider an excellent betting platform to place their wager.

  • Massiv Bet
  • Topbet
  • Soccer Shop
  • Lucky365
  • Playbet
  • Morris Vee
  • LM
  • Lucky Bets
  • Firstbet
  • Mobilebet
  • NetBet
  • Unibet
  • Pinnacle
  • NordicBet
  • Playabets
  • Supabets
  • BetOlimp
  • Gbets
  • Scorebet
  • Marshalls
  • Vegas Bets

More about sports betting in South Africa

South Africans are fond of betting, but what is the best strategy to follow to make the most of your wager? How do you ascertain that you get an unbeatable experience, and take advantage of the technological marvels?

Choosing a bookmaker

The most crucial decision is choosing a bookmaker. Of course, the wager and side you select matters, but if the bookmaker doesn't have the ideal system to facilitate your interests, then you will hardly benefit. So, how do you make your decision?

First, figure out what you want to bet? Is it horse racing, football or roulette? The majority of bookmakers will allow you to bet the basics, which can be straights, totals, parlays and much more. However, not all will provide you with riskier markets.

Another consideration is the bookmaker’s website downtime and financial stability. Are they reliable? Try hitting the site at different times and figure out if they are responsive. Also, do not forget the reviews. What other people are saying about the bookmaker is integral. Use the following to narrow down to the desired online betting platform.

  • License to operate: Although the license issuer for most online gambling platforms in South Africa cannot be native, it is a good idea to go for one that works with a license from a jurisdiction.
  • Security protocol: What is the security status of the site? A website that has the appropriate SSL encryption is trustworthy.
  • Game providers: Utilize an online betting platform offering newer additions of games. Rely on your interests while making a choice.

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Speed of payout

Every punter would agree that waiting a few days to access their winnings is quite discouraging. Luckily, with the introduction of instantaneity in monetary transactions, bettors can access their funds immediately.

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Deposit methods

One of the standard payment ways for punters in South Africa is utilizing banks cards like debit and credit cards. These avenues allow instant deposits and one can use them for withdrawals as well during payout.

Since South Africa is growing into a massive online sports betting destination, several service providers have started offering debit and card processing services. This means that punters can deposit funds using Visa, Maestro, MasterCard or American Express.

E-wallets and e-money processors is also another common means of depositing money on online betting platforms. These e-money service providers allow South African punters to transact in their currency and even deposit and exchange into an accepted one. These are companies like PayPal, Neteller, Skrill and even EcoPayz.

One can also deposit money into their online betting account using bank transfer or EFT payments. This affords the user tremendous freedom considering it is a transfer from the bank straight to their online betting account. However, this process takes a bit longer to process.

How to Choose a Sportsbook


The sheer convenience of online betting in South Africa is impressive. Different platforms have created a strategy of making sure that they attract as many clients as possible through regular bonuses. One of the most common is signing bonus that you will find on virtually all online betting sites.

Additionally, these online sports betting sites provide other regular bonuses with certain conditions as you place your wager. It might be a weekly bonus, or a bonus when you put a certain wager amount. These bonuses provide better earning opportunities.

No-deposit bonus commonly referred to as free bonus is rarest in most South African sports betting sites. Many people that are signing up on a new platform look for this bonus as they will get to play for free.

Other types of bonuses that one can expect from an online casino are reload bonus, pre-wager bonus, after wager bonus, and many others that are availed over time. Ascertain that you check the online site’s fine print while signing to familiarize with the bonus offers they avail to clients and conditions one has to meet to qualify.

Mobile betting

Since the average person owns a smartphone, betting companies have been providing an alternative and more interactive platform through mobile betting. And the strategy has, so far, taken over the industry.

With the appropriate application of your favourite bookie, you can bet while on the move, regardless of location. It is even easier for punters to bet on their phones because of the seamless integration of mobile payment and online gambling avenues.

If their site isn’t built to handle that expansion, they’ll usually try and cram way too much into a space that’s not fit to handle it. This makes for a messy platform that’s tough to navigate and, well, would have you chasing your computer or phone into oncoming traffic to retrieve it.

Betting apps

Betting applications simplify betting by availing the online platform to your smartphone. And they are available for South Africans on different smartphone operating systems. This way, you can interactively participate in in-game betting wherever you are.

Banking Options

Is sports betting legal in South Africa?

Sports betting is allowed in South Africa as long as the punter utilizes a bookie that has been licensed by the relevant authority. The authority can be a gambling or horseracing board in the country.

Numerous foreign firms are acquiring licenses in South Africa to allow them to operate legally. This way, South Africans are getting better avenues to place their wagers. You can contact your provincial regulatory board to verify the legitimacy of the gambling platform that you doubt.

The South African National Gambling Amendment Act was established in 2008 with the intent of amending the previous 2004 act. However, it has not come into power yet after interested parties heavily confronted it.

Recently, the National Gambling Board of South Africa has clarified the contentious matter of igaming in the country. They stated, “The issue of the legality of online or interactive gambling is the subject of debate in some circles. To eliminate any uncertainty in this regard, the NGB wishes to make it emphatically clear that the answer to whether online or interactive gambling is legal in South Africa, is a simple and unequivocal NO with the exception of online sports betting.”

They went further to caution punters on engaging in illegal gambling in South Africa as their actions would attract a conviction or any other legal consequences prescribed by law. It is integral that all gambling platforms comply with provincial gambling legislation.

Customer Support

Tips for South African mobile betting fans

Now that you have chosen your ideal bookmaker for gambling and are ready to place your wager, what is the perfect direction to take? First, make sure that you have a steady and secure connection to the betting platform. If possible, utilize a Wi-Fi network to save your mobile data, but ascertain that it is secure.

Another vital thing is to familiarize yourself with the online gambling environment by playing in practice mode. This way, you will learn the best moves to make before putting in real money and stay away from a significant loss of your wager.

It is even better to access online casinos that provide no deposit bonus offers. You will get a chance to practice in a real environment without spending a dime. Another essential thing to keep in mind always is to play responsibly. There is no need for placing all your bankroll in a risky wager if you know recovering the amount will be more challenging.

South African betting FAQ

Many punters that hardly comprehend the betting laws in South Africa and many other gambling techniques have different inquiries. Considering the diversity brought about by technology, there's certainly a lot that goes on that many are probably unaware of.

🤷‍♂️Are South African online sports betting safe?

Yes, they are, and that is if you do your due diligence. First, ascertain that the online gambling platform is reliable. Verify the credibility of the website by checking out reviews and other ways. Since legitimate bookmakers do not accept South African real money players, bettors ought to be very careful when using offshore firms.

The ideal online sports betting firms ought to support deposits and withdrawals in South African rand (ZAR). Therefore, if a site doesn’t support your preferred payment method and only has foreign currency, you ought to be very careful with betting on the platform.

Can I wager in South African Rands?
South African betting sites provide different payment ways and for various currencies. Therefore, since the official currency in South Africa is the rand, punters can place their wagers using the money. Although the country has taken a restrictive approach to online betting, many bettors and bookmakers are going out of their way to make it possible.
What is the payout percentage?

It is integral to note that every online casino or sports gambling site has a payout percentage. This is the amount of cash that a game pays back in relation to the amount that the punter has placed.

For example, an online casino that has a payback percentage of 35%, a player would expect a return of 35 cents when they spend 1 rand on the game. It is integral that a punter knows the payout percentage of the casino they are using to gamble.

It is the responsibility of any gambling monitoring board to ascertain those payout percentages of every casino is according to regulations. Online or landbased casinos cannot alter the rates without getting permission from the gaming authority in their region.

What are the deposit methods available as South African online sports betting?

In South Africa, a bettor can deposit funds using various payment options. These include Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, and bank transfers. Some online gambling sites are going to require you to have an EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) payment method.

Fortunately, a majority of online gambling sites in South Africa support all the major banks in the country. If you possess an account in the big four banking institutions, which are Standard Chartered Bank, Nedbank, First National Bank (FNB), or ABSA Bank Limited, it will be easier for you to make a deposit.

Sometimes, online casinos place certain restrictions reliant on the method that you utilize for deposits. However, most will avail an easy-to-use deposit functionality that doesn’t have any problems for the client.

What is the standard payout time frame at South Africa online casinos?

The typical or average payout period for most South African online casinos is between 48 to 72 hours. However, some online gambling platforms are going to provide an option of accessing your funds within 24 hours.

Expect longer withdrawal times for credit and debit cards that can take from two to five working days. Other types of deposits, like banks transfers and cheques, can have you waiting for up to 28 days.

Sometimes, a punter might face delayed payout period because of an issue of document verification. If this happens, the online betting platform will request additional information like photographic identification or any other missing data on your profile.

What is the status of online gambling in South Africa?

Although online gambling is banned in South Africa, there is no emphasis on following up on the punters. All responsibility is on the banking platforms that process these payments in South Africa. Therefore, it is the role of the online gambling platform to choose whether they want to operate in South Africa or not.

Regardless of the complicated laws in South Africa for regulating online gambling, it is fast growing to be one of the world's most active online gambling destinations. Of course, the trend is going to increase in the next ten years to even more significant numbers.

South Africa’s gambling history dates back to the 1700s and has encountered numerous alterations. Considering the alterations, which sometimes are not clear, most punters and bookmakers are confused about the current status of online gambling in the country.

How do I get a welcome bonus?

Welcome bonuses are available from numerous online gambling sites upon registration. Some platforms even offer a no-deposit welcome bonus to attract more punters.

What are the sports I can wager on at the top South African online sports betting sites?

At most South African online gambling sites, you can place your wager on football, baseball, hockey, rugby, cricket, and many other international sports. And all of this can happen in real-time as well.

Since the emergence of online betting, numerous companies have created interactive platforms online to facilitate punters' appetite. South Africa has some of the best websites offering outstanding services with plenty of betting options.

🤔 What should I look for in a South African online betting?
Always ascertain that the online betting site is reliable and can process your winnings in due time. Because of the legal complexity involved in online gambling in South Africa, you ought to be extra careful.
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